Since January 2018 all manufacturers supplying electric heaters for sale in the EU must comply with minimum efficiency standards as laid out in Lot 20 or the Energy Related Products Directive.

The directive is being implemented to help us use energy more efficiently so can only be a good thing. It is designed to help EU member states achieve their carbon reduction targets.

How are products changing?

Ducasa has been working with the EU since April 2015 to ensure our electric heaters are compliant, therefore you won’t see many changes as most already reach or exceed the levels of efficiency required.

To comply with Lot 20 all products must include a combination of features including digital thermostats, programming, open window sensors and adaptive learning eco-start. Each feature is ranked on energy saving and a percentage score system determines when the product complies to the regulations.

How do the new features reduce carbon emissions?

Quite simply the features used to comply with Lot 20 reduce the amount of energy used to heat our homes.

Digital thermostats are more accurate than mechanical versions and avoid ‘overheating’, while open window sensors switch the heater off temporarily reducing the amount of heat lost to the outside.

One of the most useful features is Adaptive Eco-Start which ‘learns’ when to turn on the radiator in order for the room to be warm by a specific time, rather than programming your radiator to come on at a set time and having a warm room earlier than required. This feature is available on the Avant DGi radiator.

By reducing energy use and carbon emissions we are also reducing our energy bills making is less expensive to heat our homes.

Which products are covered by Lot 20?

All local space heaters using electricity, liquid or gas fuels, manufactured for sale in the EU are covered by the new regulations including the following:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Storage heaters
  • Panel heaters
  • Convector heaters
  • Electric radiators
  • Portable heaters
  • Radiant heaters

A local space heater is an appliance that generates heat in the room it is heating.

What does Lot 20 mean for you?

As an installer or wholesaler you don’t need to make any changes – the onus is placed on the manufacturer to produce products that comply with the regulations.

Products produced before January 2018 can still be supplied until a cut-off date has been specified, this is expected to be the end of 2020. The changeover period is to ensure stockist don’t have redundant stock.

Lot 20 does not mean you must replace heaters already installed and you do not have to change your heater specifications immediately, however we would suggest using Lot 20 products as soon as possible to provide the end user with the best products.

Be aware that as products change to become compliant some manufacturers may not have sufficient spare parts to honour their warranties so always ensure you purchase from a reputable company such as Ducasa, which was established 45 years ago.

Need to know more?

Contact the team at Ducasa – we are here to help and would be pleased to answer your questions.

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