So much is said about running costs and so much is misleading marketing nonsense. All electric heaters are 100% efficient, just ask any high school physics teacher. 1 kW of electricity into a heater results in 1kW of heat out.

How Do I Save Money?

Reducing running costs is achieved by taking control of temperature, efficient delivery of the heat into the room and accurate programming.

Digital Thermostats

Ducasa electric radiators use the latest digital systems to control the temperature, which are accurate to 0.2°c and because each radiator has its own thermostat each room of your home can be set to your required temperature. The digital sensor measures the air as it enters the bottom of the radiator and is unaffected by the radiator itself.

Heat Delivery

Ducasa electric radiators are filled with a special heat transfer fluid which ensures the aluminium body of the radiator heats quickly and evenly. The radiator body has a system of internal fins which maximise the surface area, increasing natural convection and the radiant effect of the heater – this is the most efficient way to deliver heat to your home and provides virtually constant room temperatures.

Cheap ‘dry inertia’ heaters are said to be more efficient because they heat up quickly, but this means they also cool down quicker leading to fluctuating room temperature, increased running costs and reduced comfort levels.

Programming Options

Ducasa electric radiators are available in 3 different models and 7 different sizes so we can provide the perfect solution to your needs. The Avant DGi is the most modern App controlled radiator on the market and gives control of times and temperatures for each room of your home from anywhere in the world. The Avant DGP can also be programmed for each room and the Avant DGS can be installed providing a system with the same functions as a ‘wet system’ but without the boiler and problems associated with installing pipework

If you’re still not sure, take a look at our genuine customer reviews.

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